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Biggest Loser Scandal – Winner Who Lost 140 Pounds Was Pregnant With A 19 Pound Baby

Biggest Loser Scandal imgHelen Phillips carried out an inspirational journey in front of millions almost 2 years ago on the television show The Biggest Loser. The show is based around an innovative concept, where fat people come to a place to get yelled at, starved, and beaten down emotionally so they are able to lose weight. It worked for Helen Phillips. Or so everyone thought.

It has recently been uncovered that Helen needed to leave the show during taping for 3 days due to a “sickness in the family.” That sickness was one of the largest babies on record that was sitting in her belly. It was a 19 pound behemoth that she gave birth to during that 3 day absence. Helen came back to the show 30 pounds lighter but said at the time that she used the sorrow inside of her to work out harder than ever. She also stated she was unable to eat due to the sickness of her mother. Everyone believed her. Felt sorry for her. The only thing they should have felt sorry for her about was the pain involved in pushing that gigantic child from her body.

Helen recently spoke to the media about the controversy. “I’ve since spoken with producers about this perceived unfair advantage I had. There was nothing in the rules that said you could not give birth during the show. As far as my mom’s sickness, she was sick. She just happened to be very ill while I was giving birth to my 19 pound son. This is a non-issue and I can’t believe everyone is making such a big deal out of this. I worked very hard to lose all of that weight and now people are questioning it? People can be so cruel. I’m not fat anymore so they’re going to get on me about this? I was teased when I was fat and now ridiculed now that I’m not fat. I just (crying now) cannot win! My two year old weighs 161 pounds. He’s already morbidly obese. You don’t think I have enough to deal with? I won that contest fair and square. I will not apologize for that. And my son may win that damned show too if they ever have a baby edition. Then you all can persecute both of us. How does that sound? By the way, I am working with the creators of the show on a baby edition. It could be very compelling and inspirational to so many babies out there struggling with their weight.”

Helen Phillips is certainly a complex character. Part of you wants to give her a big hug and tell her it’s going to be ok, while another part wants to blast her across the face with an open fist and ask “Are you fucking serious?” Then the nice side of you thinks, wow, that would be really out of line to slap her in the face. Then the rational side of you kicks in. “Yeah, but she is a big fat liar!” Helen Phillips is a cheat and more than likely swimming in a cesspool of lunacy. Give her a good slap, or at least a purposeful poke, when you see her. She may really need it. Just be careful. Her 2 year old may be able to beat the shit out of you.

Source: http://www.mouthfrog.com/features/biggest-loser-scandal-winner-who-lost-140-pounds-was-pregnant-with-a-19-pound-baby

After the scandal of Justin Bieber a few times ago now turn to his girlfriend who exposed the scandal gossip.

Justin Bieber girlfriend's Selena Gomez, who has been romantically linked to teen sensation Justin Bieber came out of the closet as a very naughty girl with several compromising topless pictures being shopped around. Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus and Selena – they all went to the same ‘naughty girl’ school.

Selena Gomez Scandal picture

Hollyscoop had access to topless pictures of a girl who looked a lot like Selena. The girl had shorter hair than Selena’s has currently and the photos were taken by an unknown person inside a bathroom.

The pictures in question were not bought by the site because they could not determine whether the alleged “Selena” was over 18 years old at the time. Obviously, Selena’s camp is furious: they claim the photos are fake and were Photoshopped by someone wanting to ruin the “Wizards of Waverly Place” star’s reputation.

Selena’s lawyers are getting ready to take immediate action, sending out “cease and desist” letters and threatening to sue anyone who publishes the images. Correct me if I’m wrong. I think it would be of their best interest to prove those images are fake.

Muntinlupa Bliss Scandal (Free 3gp, avi, mpeg, wmv)

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Actually what is in this "bliss scandal"?

jill rose mendoza"Bliss scandal" is a scandal which there's an old guy who molested a minor student (15 years old!). mang kanor scandalThe guy not only exploited the girl but also her older sister. And on top of that, he recorded all their encounters on video. And he did not stop at that because he blackmailed the girl for more free s3x. Some may argue all these are consensual. Regardless if the girl enjoyed it or not, she was still a young girl and he's an old ugly man.

Some said she's actually a G4H (girl 4 hire) but still, she's a minor. He deserved to be brought to jail. Heck, even the FAD Ninjas and Espiyas hates him they want to skin that old man to death.

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Watch Cut Memey Video
Video Cut Memey Buka Baju Youtube pic
Video entitled "Cut Memey Buka Baju di TV" has been clicked more than 2 million times. This means that the video has a lot to see. In the video Cut Memey said, "Now I open the shirt ..." Then she really take her clothes off.

Up at 8:02, the video on YouTube has been clicked for 2,326,245 times. The video was posted on July 13, 2010. On the vidio Cut memey was seen wearing a pink cloth. Clothing that is released from the body by lifting it and then slowly release it through his head.

Cut Memey formerly known as the star model and presenter and then expanding as soap opera star. She recorded a successful soap opera.

While as a presenter, she had brought the TV program called "Zoom In" in Trans TV and "Buah Bibir" which aired at the quiz. In addition, Memey also guide the "Rahasia Malam" TV program and later rumored to wrestle the world of singing, with the release of her first album "Cermin Hati" (2007) by a single hits entitled "Raja Playboy".

Emma Arbabzadeh video
Emma Arbabzadeh became infamous in 2008 when she was found guilty of luring Ilan Halimi, a 23-year-old Jewish salesman, to his death at the hands of a gang of racist killers called 'The Barbarians'.

Emma Arbabzadeh charmed Ilan Halimi into meeting her for coffee after he finished work at a telephone shop in Paris. A gang called “The Barbarians” then bundled him into the trunk of a car and drove him to an empty apartment.

The gang tortured Halimi for weeks and demanded a ransom. Arbabzadeh was promised about $6,676 for her part in the plot.

Ilan Halimi was eventually found naked and tied to a tree outside Paris. He died before reaching the hospital.

When Arbabzadeh began a nine-year sentence at Versailles women's prison near Paris, A former prison governor, Goncalves is said to have selected her for 'special treatment'. He regularly had sex with her in prison, but is solely being charged with illicit correspondence, and giving an inmate presents.

But Goncalves's defence barrister, Pascal Garbarini, today told Versailles Correctional Court that his client had 'simply fallen in love and did not know how to control his passion'.
Emma Arbabzadeh
Arbabzadeh is herself facing a charge of receiving stolen goods, but her barrister told the court that she had solely received two mobile phone chips.

Dominique Attias said: 'There are thousands of mobile phones in prisons. But these cases don't all land up in court.'

Mr Attias said the sensational Barbarians case had turned Arbabzadeh into a criminal celebrity.

When other prisoners learned that she was having regular sex in the prison computer room, and in Goncalves's office, they complained.

This led to a police investigation, after which Goncalves, who is married with children, was forced to resign.

He was able to rekindle his relationship with Arbabzadeh when she was released in 2010. She had been let out for good behaviour after having been on remand since 2006.

Goncalves then wrote a book in which he discussed the affair, saying 'I did not regret it for a moment', although he admitted that it had ruined his reputation as a happy family man and 'humanitarian' prison governor.

Goncalves, who had been France's youngest ever prison governor, said Iranian-born Arbabzadeh had genuinely been in love with him.

In a case which shocked France, Arbabzadeh was still a teenager when, in January 2006, she used her good looks to lure Mr Halimi to a flat on the outskirts of Paris.

There he was tortured for three weeks before he died. A total of 27 people were convicted for playing a part in the murder, with anti-Semitism and profiting from a failed ransom plot cited as the motive.

John Friend and Anusara hit a rock AND a hard place, to say the least: There is much to read as much has transgressed over the past week since accusations surfaced. Yoga and "scandal" seem to walk hand-in-hand these days. It's a "union of opposites" that's growing more comfortable with time. First, there was the controversy three months ago over the posh yoga apparel company, Lululemon. That seemed to lay bare the rapacious greed of its founder Chip Wilson, the boorish ex-snowboarder who's made a mint convincing affluent white suburban women that if they just wear his pricey workout clothes, they'd soon be in Nirvana. Some American yogis, it seemed, were content to serve as marketing props -- if not flat-out apologists -- for a firm whose bizarre organizational culture and lack of basic business ethics had possibly engendered everything from sweat-shops to murder. And Wilson seemed to have found the perfect way into the yoga consumer market. His employees, many of them fitness junkies, owned 20% of the firm's lucrative stock, giving them a strong incentive to sell, and neighborhood yoga start-ups could piggy-back on the store's customer base to obtain a ready-made clientele for their studios. And with his store customers also getting a discount to attend those yoga classes, the circle of complicity was complete. Of course, despite its obvious success, many in the yoga world have never really taken Lululemon seriously. Wilson largely admits that he knows next to nothing about real yoga, often comparing its meditative bliss to an endorphin high. And many of his customers and staff, while trained to extol yoga's virtues, don't actually practice it all that much. Lulu's strategy is known in the trade as "conceptual" or "lifestyle" marketing. Consumers purchase a product and get to soak up the positive vibes and aura associated it but they don't actually have to get off their sofa or stop eating bon-bons. The association works, of course, as long as the lifestyle activity retains its clean and popular image. john friend anusara imgAnd it's here that the yoga industry -- and the grassroots movement associated with it -- may soon be facing a backlash of sorts. That's because a new book, The Science of Yoga, by New York Times science reporter William Broad, is about to hit the sales counters. The book calls into question whether yoga is actually the karma-free, healing balm its proponents claim. An excerpt, "How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body," has already appeared in the pages of the Sunday New York Times Magazine -- and the news is disconcerting. The excerpt sent shock waves through the yoga world, leading many long-time yogis to wonder whether their $6 billion industry could suffer a collapse worse than the US stock market crash of 2008, and if so, whether it's time to cash out.

Broad, who's actually reviewed what little scientific and medical evidence is available on the subject, suggests that yoga can often be beneficial for consumers, validating, in part, the thousands of yoga "infomercials" currently floating around the Internet, extolling the virtues of this or that yoga pose. But most of his article, and a good part of his book, details the many ways that yoga, especially the more "powered up" and calisthenic varieties so popular today, isn't good for consumers, and can seriously hurt students and teachers alike, in fact, without them even knowing it.

Broad's not just talking about slight sprains or muscle pulls or minor ligament damage, though these injuries are far more common than people realize. He's referring to permanent and debilitating injuries, including strokes, and chronic hip, knee and spinal cord damage, injuries that can cripple yoga practitioners for life and that may not show up in their body for years, when it's too late to take remedial action.

Many leading yogis have already developed their talking points to defuse any potential fall-out or controversy from Broad's book. Their basic argument: It's not yoga's fault if students get hurt, it's the fault of the students themselves. They're too aggressive and demanding and often push their yoga poses too far, too fast. What's a dedicated yoga teacher to do? Well, Broad, suggests, it's not just students; some of the ones doing the pushing are the teachers. They're young, and poorly-trained -- especially in the intricacies of anatomy -- and they don't know how to tend to their flock, which usually isn't as bendy or body-worshiping, as they are. And many of the more advanced poses -- including headstands and handstands -- aren't really that therapeutic anyway, no matter what your age, Broad argues. If you know your yoga history, these poses aren't even deeply rooted in the yogic tradition. They emerged at the turn of the century when countries like India were developing "fitness" cultures as an emblem of national pride. In short, much of what passes for yoga these days isn't really yoga.

But it's not just Broad's book that's likely to give the yoga industry -- and yoga teachers -- a huge black eye. In the past week, much of the yoga world has been engulfed in turmoil over revelations that John Friend, founder of the yoga brand known as "Anusara," may not be the saintly guru that his publicists have promoted so successfully over the years. It turns out, that he's allegedly a shameless adulterer, sex fiend, marijuana dealer, and small-time corporate thug who probably broke the law by freezing his company's pension fund, in the process betraying the trust and marriages of dozens -- and possibly hundreds -- of his loyal followers.

Rumors about Friend have been circulating for months, as first one, then another, then still another of his long-time female "disciples" -- and business partners -- publicly separated herself from him, citing "professional differences." But the reasons for the splits were left vague, until the online magazine Yoga Dork published an anonymous but highly detailed memorandum in which Friend's wide-ranging transgressions were spelled out in gory detail, with emails and letters describing his fondness for yoga witchcraft, marijuana peddling, and ritualistic sex with just about anyone who might find the pudgy 52-year-old an appealing bed mate -- including, it appears, hundreds of his "followers," as well as dozens of trusted associates over a period of many years.

The memo also recounted details of Friend's attempt to, in effect, steal his yoga company's pension fund, until the Department of Labor was tipped off and threatened to prosecute him, forcing him to release control.

Predictably, the initial reaction from the Anusara world was akin to devout Catholics facing revelations of transgressions by their priests: shock, fear, denial and anger -- not at Friend, but at his accusers, suggesting that they were out to destroy such a beautiful man -- and their beloved yoga "brand" -- out of sheer jealousy, and that the online magazine should be ashamed for publishing what amounted to anonymous and unsubstantiated "gossip and rumor."

A number of Anusara "communities," most notably, the Willow Street Yoga Center in Takoma Park, MD, began desperately circling the wagons, calling on Anusara yogis everywhere to "affirm" Friend and his "pioneering" yoga "system." Naomi Gottlieb-Miller, one of the many spunky and sloganeering Sarah Palin-types to emerge from the ranks of Anusara's "teacher training" programs in recent years, went so far as to compare Friend's critics - many of them veteran yogis twice her age -- to high school "Mean Girls," suggesting that they lacked compassion and should hold their tongues.

But, of course, where there's this much smoke -- and this many names, dates, and salacious details -- there's usually a bonfire raging nearby. How much more about Friend's activities is likely to emerge and the days and weeks ahead is still unclear. However, Friend, sensing that his Wall of Denial -- and Loyal Deniers -- won't hold up, quickly moved to head off the gathering lynch mob by issuing a terse but glib "confession" -- the classic, "controlled disclosure" -- to a long-time yoga associate at Elephant Journal. But in response, a group of Friend's long-time admirers, including Willow Street Yoga founder Suzie Hurley, have decided to stage what amounts to a semi-public "intervention," desperate to salvage not only the man and his reputation, but also the future of Anusara yoga, once described as the "fastest growing yoga brand in America."

Friend, it appears, has agreed to step down, in what amounts to a "preemptive coup," and for the time being, an informal "committee" -- none dare call it a "junta" -- will rule the Anusara organization in his place, until the entire mess that Friend's created can be sorted out, and the company overhauled and its leadership formally restructured.

For many in the yoga world, this latest turn of events is as bewildering as it is disheartening. But the fact is, guru charlatans with bizarre power agendas have ruled the yoga world for generations. Some of the best-known modern yogis, everyone from Sri Ramakrishna to Swami Vivekenanda, the man who first introduced yoga to the West, were known to have a fondness for young boys or to be serial adulterers, according to published accounts. Amrit Desai, the head of the highly respected Kriplalu Yoga Center, who extolled the virtues of traditional marriage, resigned in 1994, after his extra-marital sexual escapades came to light.

And Friend's attempt to build what amounts to an American yoga "cult" has numerous precedents, too, most recently in the case of Dahn Yoga, a South Korea-based organization that bilked thousands of gullible American college students and their families out of their personal fortunes, and whose founder, Ilchee Lee, has fled the country after being charged with raping one of his students. Several lawsuits against Dahn, first filed in 2006, are still pending, but the group -- through an intensive damage-control effort similar to the one underway now at Anusara -- has managed to keep most of its studio doors open.

Again, is any of this really all that surprising? Generations ago, some of India's oldest and wisest sages warned of the consequences of trying to transplant sacred Hindu spiritual practices to American soil. They weren't worried that Americans would reject these practices, but that they would embrace them too wholeheartedly. Yoga and meditation would become engulfed by American materialism, they feared, and its practitioners, ruled by status competition and consumed with an endless quest for personal "fulfillment" through glamor beauty, and sex would no longer be avatars of enlightenment but agents of psychic domination. Little did they know how quickly that painful karmic cycle could begin or how often it might repeat itself.

As the increasingly ugly Anusara scandal unfolds, yoga and yogis in America seem to be approaching yet another defining moment. Do the movement's most sincere and thoughtful leaders have the strength -- and above all, the humility -- to push their industry to reform its ways? To abandon their long-standing opposition to professionalizing their teacher corps, perhaps, and to set up more modern and democratic, and less charismatic, guru-based governing structures?

Time, it seems, may be running out. Market research data suggest that despite an increase in gross revenues, the number of people interested in trying yoga is rapidly shrinking. In fact, slightly fewer are practicing yoga now (about 14 million) than they were in 2005 (about 16 million), before the latest scandals and turmoil began. Apparently, many American consumers have already "caught on" to yoga with some homespun wisdom of their own.

Veena Malik does the bump and grind in the item song ‘Channo’ from the upcoming film Gali Gali Chor Hai, starring Akshaye Khanna, Shriya Saran and Mugdha Godse.

The song has Veena wearing a crimson, ornate choli and a pink ghagra. The choli is eye-poppingly small for her proportions and Veena Malik sports a lot of jewellery on ears, nose and forehead.

Gali Gali Chor Hai is directed by Rumi Jaffrey. It has Akshaye Khanna playing a common man who is a cashier at a bank and a parttime actor. He’s often at odds with the younger brother of a local MLA who hates Akshaye for being a better actor in Ramleela than him. Things come to a head when Akshaye’s table fan gets stolen and he has to bribe a lot of people just to get the culprit caught.

Veena Malik Images

rihanna scandalPlease beware that this is a fake message that is being spread across the social network. When users click on the scam link, they are taken to a fake page, which appears like Facebook and contains a video player. Clicking on the play button will not load the video, but will ask you to share the video link with your friends on Facebook.

However, after sharingthe post on your Facebook Wall, you will be provided with a set of online surveys, which you are asked to complete before you can watch the video. Please note that even after completing the surveys there is NO video shown. Please DO NOT waste your time in completing online surveys. Scammers generally create such scams to get users to complete online surveys. They get paid as commission when they get users to complete surveys like this.
Rihanna Scandal Video
Sometimes it may result in downloading malware programs or other malicious files, which could possibly harm your computer. These files are programmed in a way to steal your personal and confidential information without your knowledge.

It is recommended that you DO NOT click on such links or scam messages on Facebook. If you come across this scam message, please delete/remove the scam from your Facebook news feed immediately. Alternately, you can report the scam to Facebook Security.

With over 800 million users on Facebook, the social networking giant has always been a main target for spreading scams. It is quite difficult to identify scams on Facebook. Here is a post on How to Identify and Avoid Facebook Scams.

As a precautionary measure, always check which applications you use and remove unwanted or suspicious ones. If you aren’t sure how to do it, you can always check our guide on removing apps from Facebook. In addition to that, don’t forget to check out our article about Avoiding Facebook Lifejacking and Clickjacking scams.

The scam claims to show a leaked video of Rihanna making out with someone. The scam has the title WOW – You Will hate RIHANNA after watching this video!followed by a link and a description that reads You Will Lose All Respect For RIHANNA After Watching This.

Former Los Angeles teacher Mark Berndt appeared in court on Wednesday on charges of spoon-feeding his semen to children at Miramonte Elementary School, and parents are questioning why they weren't alerted when the investigation first came to light in late 2010. Sources tell Fox News correspondent Gigi Graciette that a Wednesday morning meeting between parents, school officials and police at the school attracted over 200 attendees, and that at atmosphere of calm is "turning to anger." Graciette tweeted, "ANGER has erupted at parent meeting at Miramonte Elem over charges teacher abused students there." The forum between parents and officials erupted into angry shouts when school and police officials confirmed that the case was handled according to procedure. Investigators also confirmed that parents were kept in the dark about the photos because they didn't want to compromise the investigation. Aol Latino journalist Jorge Luis Macias was at the forum and spoke to parents after the meeting disbanded. As she was leaving the school grounds, parent Alicia Parra said of the suspect, "This kind of person should be sentenced to capital punishment." Parra also commented that even though she was leaving the meeting in a calmer state than when she first arrived, she couldn't stop "thinking of the damage that he's caused to so many children." Allice Winfield, who was there are the school to pick up her grandson, told Aol Latino that Miramonte Elementary was playing "macabre games" with children's lives. "The school had a great threat, and they never told anything to anybody." "How could it be possible that this man has been in this school for more than 30 years and no one ever realized anything?" questioned Mirna Enriquez, the mother of a third grader at the school. "Only thinking about what this teacher has done makes me want to vomit," she said to Aol Latino. Since news of the allegations against Berndt were made public on Tuesday, at least five more victims have contacted the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, reports the Los Angeles Times. Two former students are also claiming that they reported their teacher's strange behavior to school officials decades ago, but nothing ever came of it. Owen, Patterson & Owen and The Law Office of Jessica Dominguez to represent alleged sexually abused Miramonte Elementary School children in personal injury lawsuits against two Los Angeles Unified School District teachers. 
miramonte scandal
One of pictures documenting Miramonte
Elementary School sexual abuse scandal.
Two leading law firms, Owen, Patterson & Owen and The Law Office of Jessica Dominguez, who together represent nine allegedly sexually molested Miramonte Elementary School children, filed personal injury lawsuits* on their behalf in Los Angeles County Court. The children all attend Miramonte Elementary School, part of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). The lawsuits specifically accuse two LAUSD teachers, Mark Henry Berndt and Martin Bernard Springer, who were both arrested last week on criminal charges, on suspicion of lewd conduct with two female students and on suspicion of committing lewd acts on 23 of his students respectively. It also cites the LAUSD and Miramonte Elementary's principal Martin Sandoval, for failing to adequately protect the students. Los Angeles personal injury attorney Gregory James Owen of Owen, Patterson & Owen said he planned to file four more lawsuits on behalf of Miramonte students this week and represents a total of nine clients in the still-unfolding case. He added "Of particular concern is the fact that Berndt would often lock his classroom door which is a violation of LAUSD rules. We all have a duty to help these children have the best lives they can even though they will never be the same." The accusations have fueled protests by many of the parents and prompted Los Angeles County school officials to temporarily replace the entire staff at Miramonte during an exhaustive investigation. On Wednesday, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Lieutenant Carlos Marquez said investigators had uncovered 200 more images of a similar nature on a computer at the drug store where the original photos were found. Dominguez stated, "I believe there will be more victims who come forward," adding that parents in the largely immigrant community have been reluctant to contact police. Attorney Jessica Dominguez is a respected commentator on radio, TV, and in the press. She has received countless awards from both elected officials and community agencies for her hard work and advocacy on behalf of immigrants.

Three Karnataka ministers in the state government were seen watching vulgar dances and sex scenes in mobile phone. Their behaviour was recorded by television cameras, and the ministers, who tried to claim that they had never done so, had to resign today morning after the high command stepped in and blew the whistle.

Ministers, Laxman Savadi, C C Patil, and Krishna Palemar, resigned today after they were told in no uncertain terms by the national leaders that their action was not fit of their approval. The high command, it appears, is in a hurry not to allow the party’s image to suffer further because of this episode.

The incident occurred when opposition leader, Siddaramaiah, was taking the government to task for failing to take proper action in the case of hoisting of Pakistani flag at Sidhagi, and was deriding Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh for its role in this episode, when the incident occurred. Chief Minister, Sadananda Gowda, and minister, Suresh Kumar, who is also the leader of the house, were not present when the incident occurred.

When BJP ministers and MLAs joined together to pounce upon Siddaramaiah and deride him for passing strong comments against the party regime, when minister for cooperation, Laxman Savadi, and minister for child and women welfare, C C Patil, continued to be busy watching the mobile, as if they were unconcerned about the proceedings of the house. Savadi had hidden the mobile phone inside a file and was watching the scenes, and C C Patil, who was seated by his side, was seen peeping into the mobile frequently to enjoy what was going on.

karnataka videoImmediately television channels beamed the scenes, an outrage against ministers swept across the state. A call for Athani bandh was given. Athavni is the constituency represented by Laxman Savadi. The opposition leaders also jumped into action, criticizing the ministers vociferously for their immoral act, and demanding their resignations. It is understood that national president of BJP, Nitin Gadkari, passed on instructions for the resignations of these ministers.

Whitney Houston died at the age of 48 years, Saturday (02/11/2012). The night before he died, Whitney reportedly partying.

It was delivered by staff of the Beverly Hilton hotel to TMZ, Sunday (02/12/2012). According to him, the singer of 'Saving All My Live For You ' that was "a massive party" with a group of his friends.

Whitney had seen at the bar for a drink. When all the hotel staff is busy preparing for the Grammy Awards, Whitney and her friends seem to 'noisy'.

Whitney Houston Death ScandalThere has been no official statement about the cause of death of Whitney. But according to her mother, Cissy Houston, he had spoken with his son on the phone 30 minutes before Whitney died.

Cissy felt nothing unusual, and Whitney sounds fine. Whitney's cousin, Dionne Warwick also spoke a few hours before the star of 'The Bodyguard' is dead.

At that time Dionne wanted to make sure if he was sitting at the same table with Whitney at Clive Davis pre-Grammy party.

Jung Min video (김정민동영상) has been leaked on YouTube two looks a happening that is deleted.

Sunjeongnyeo Jung - Min starred in the round, while the broadcaster is popular. This video on YouTube with the title in a studio came up was handled deleted. However, p2p sites, etc.,  torrent circulated  that is being downloaded.

This is similar to Jung - Min visage and voice and in a few years ago under the name of anjeongmin prevalent and personal videos.

Jung - Min I was not the explanation for this video video was posted on her Cyworld. Posts are encouraged to wear a lot of fans. Speedy action is screened for authenticity of the video is well done.

Solbi (솔 비) past events of the movie in person or even just go over like a true sheep has been leaked this case there was damage.

The other hand, in the name of his videos, Jung - Min whether the leaked video in a single day up clarification. Your misunderstanding of the advance was blocked.

Fans also distributing videos to Myspace, Jung - Min chakchulhaeya criminals are angry with, and presuming.

South Korea is an open society, the sex of female celebrities, but is tolerant of privacy. Yet as a woman that the movie itself is spread over the victim considers longevity as a target of criticism is considered. In this situation, a quick explanation of courage, Jung - Min of Women Artists of the future will be an inspiration.

Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho’s secret video scandal floods the worldwide web again! The latest Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili scandal video allegedly contains Hayden and Katrina doing the same acts as the previous videos only that it is of better quality.

In a report on Pilipino Star ngayon entitled "Bagong version ng s-x video nina Katrina Halili at Hayden Kho, nagkalat na naman" last Monday, Hayden's lawyer said that there is indeed a new video but it only shows Katrina and nothing more.

The rumor on the new scandal video of Hayden and Katrina is just in time for the premier of Katrina Halili's new show, "Beauty Queen"; the next hearing of Hayden's case; and the launch of "Hayden" perfume which will be all held this month.

Katrina Halili is an alumna of the StarStruck talent search and the cover girl of leading magazines such as FHM Philippines and Maxim Philippines. She was voted as FHM Philippines’ sexiest woman for the year 2006 and bagged the title yet again in 2007. She is the first StarStruck In 2008, she was chosen as the calendar girl for FHM Philippines for the second time. In addition, she also launched her own line of lingeries and swimsuits she called Playmates, and became an image model for the Belo Medical Group. contestant to top the FHM Philippines’ 100 Sexiest list and the only Filipina celebrity to have won the title twice in a row. She is a three-time FHM Philippines covergirl.

Hayden Kho was born in Manila on May 20, 1980, to a pure-Chinese doctor-father, Hayden Kho, and a Spanish-Filipina businesswoman-mother, Irene dela Santa; one of five children. He describes his family as “above average.” He speaks fluent Chinese (he studied at the Grace Christian School in Binondo, Manila, for 14 years.

Hayden Kho graduated from the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, mind you. He passed his licensure examination last February 2007. He used to practice his profession at the Belo Medical Group but was promoted to a Marketing Directory position later on.So technically, he’s a doctor-slash-macho-dancer-slash-actor-slash-cheater.

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